Pepsi Max

Burger Lovers Restaurant

It is important for Pepsi Max to strengthen its position at mealtimes. That's why we founded our own virtual restaurant for Pepsi Max and Finland's largest burger community. The restaurant made Pepsi Max a talking point.

Pepsi Max’s goal is to strengthen its position as a mealtime drink. Instead of a traditional advertising campaign, we decided to do an act that attaches the brand to dining moments in an innovative way. We opened the world’s first restaurant founded by a Facebook group. The name of the restaurant was decided as “Pepsi Max x Burger Lovers Restaurant”.

The concept was built around Pepsi Max, a Facebook community called Burger Lovers Finland, food delivery platforms (Foodora and Wolt) and a selected cloud kitchen network. The restaurant’s menu consisted of burgers created by Burger Lovers Finland members (25 K). The restaurant was opened on Wolt and Foodora and consumers in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere were able to order delicious burgers to their homes. Burger recipes created by home chefs and a cold Pepsi Max formed a menu that became a success.

The advertising campaign, which utilized influencers, digital and social media advertising, and outdoor advertising, put the restaurant in the consciousness of Pepsi Max burger fans. The campaign measurement showed that 75% of the target group liked the advertising. The campaign also achieved exceptional results in Wolt and Foodora, where the restaurant’s daily order volumes were at their best +51% compared to the average sales of burger restaurants.

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