Lapin Kulta

Pure Journey

PURE organic beer's brand actions and new communication are a new chapter in the story of a classic brand. A responsibly operating brand draws from consumers' relationship with nature and values.

For Lapin Kulta Pure organic beer, purity is everything. The focus is on clean raw materials, responsible manufacturing, and recycling. Pure Journey serves as the umbrella concept of marketing communication and is crystallized in the tagline “A toast to purity”. The Pure Journey concept tells consumers the journey of the product from the barley field to the bottle recycling machine and invites consumers to raise a toast to purity.

The concept, launched in the summer of 2022, was visible in Lapin Kulta PURE’s advertising and in consumer meetings. At the Flow Festival, we presented to the public a 100% self-sufficient restaurant where the beer was cooled using solar power. Pure Journey is a journey we travel together with consumers, taking care that tomorrow is always cleaner than today.

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