Cult Energy Drink

Switch Your God Mode On

The launch of a new energy drink for the Z generation required a new kind of positioning and a bold immersion into the culture.

The launch of the new CULT energy drink for the Z generation required a new kind of positioning in the highly competitive market and a bold immersion into the culture of the target group. Like its competitors, CULT does not focus on optimizing physical performance or concentration. Instead, CULT wants to inspire each of us to find our own “God Mode”. You can find and activate your own God Mode in music, fashion, dance or art. God Mode is the state in which we creatively can express ourselves.

The diverse launch campaign was created together with the group “Cult of Creatives”, whose task was to inspire consumers to express themselves through the power of their own example. ibe (artist), Björk Hijoort (painter), Tiia Kasurinen (dancer) and Bakari Diarra (creator of the vitunleija fashion brand) and dozens of other influencers threw themselves into the project with enthusiasm. The collaboration resulted in a new CULT product design, a launch event, murals, music, paintings, dance performances, video installations, fashion drops and festival activations. All of this was documented and impressive advertising was created on relevant channels for the target group (TikTok, Snapchat, IG, FB, YouTube, outdoor advertising, public transport, movie theaters, etc.).

Distinctive product design, extensive distribution, popular content drawn from the culture of the target group, and media investment led to rapid awareness growth and good sales results. Switch your God mode on.

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