Birra Moretti

Piazza Moretti event

To strengthen the connection between Birra Moretti beer and food, we brought a small piece of Italy to the center of Helsinki in August.

The Italian beer brand, Birra Moretti, aimed to emphasize its association with Italian cuisine. To achieve this, we planned and executed an event named “Piazza Moretti,” bringing a piece of Italy to the heart of Helsinki.

Teaming up with the Via Tribunali restaurant, we transformed one of Helsinki’s busiest streets, Sofiankatu, into Piazza Moretti. Beyond offering chilled Birra Moretti beer, we curated a selection of authentic Italian dishes: Neapolitan pizza, traditional Italian antipastos, and even gelato with Birra Moretti flavor! The atmosphere had an authentic Italian feel, completed with Italian street musicians, red and white checkered tablecloths, and branded Vespas. Autentica atmosfera italiana!

The event was a success: we had +6.000 visitors during the event day and the sales were top class in Via Tribunal’s records. We also invited big Finnish influencers to enjoy the event and managed to get a total reach +290.000 in their social media accounts combined.

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