Sol Sun Terraces banner

Starting point

Sol beer, created under the Mexican sun in 1899, has sun in its core. The sun is repeated in the name, in the serving traditions and it also gives this beer a beautiful golden color. Sol’s goal is also to “feel” like sun: each beer sip should feel like sunshine – just nice and easy.

Restaurant industry suffered great losses because of covid-19. Crucial part of the brief was to help restaurants after the challenging times by inventing ways to allure consumers to restaurants and terraces during the upcoming summer. Besides this, Sol beer has a steady market position in Finland, but brand wanted to own “sunny moments” even more strongly.


Finnish people don’t have that much sunshine throughout the year, which makes Finns really crave for it. Once they get the first glimpses of sun after the long winter, it makes everything feel nicer and easier.

Sol wants to help Finns to enjoy sunshine when it’s possible, so that no-one needs to wonder when and where to go in order to get most out of the sunshine.

Creative solution

Sol Sun Terraces is a digital restaurant map, which shows which terrace has sunshine and at what time of the day. You don’t no longer need to wonder, where to go and enjoy sunshine and cold Sol beer – Sol Sun Terraces -map does the work for you. In order to reach the target group’s attention, we decided to utilise display advertising fully and take a different kind of approach to it.


With the aim of making display advertising as effective as possible, we created map-embedded interactive banners, which based on user’s location, show the closest terrace on the map. Users were able to use the map in the creative and find the nearest Sol beer terrace where the sun is shining. The map covered whole Finland with the total of 1250 different restaurant terraces, from which 930 sell Sol beer.

Restaurant information was updated regularly during the campaign. Thus we were able to provide relevant real-time information when people were on-the-go and looking for potential sun terraces nearby. From the banners, users were also able to go to the landing page and search more detailed restaurant-specific information such as individual sunshine hours.

Sol Sun Terraces was launched just before May Day 2022 and it was advertised nationally with dynamic display advertising and social media throughout the summer.


Link to interactive banner:

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Sol Sun Terraces was a huge success in terms of sales. Total of 1250 restaurant terraces joined the campaign. Moreover, 113 new terraces applied and joined the campaign during the summer.

Especially in programmatic advertising the creatives performed very well in terms of exposure and interaction. Sol’s average CPC dropped by 55% from its 2022 programmatic average, sending it much below market average. Click through rates grew by 197% from its 2022 programmatic average, reaching as high as 1,1%. The highest engagement rate for the interactive banner was 11,93% and overall engagement across all banners was 10,9%. All together 176K people engaged with the map solution on the banner. Banner interaction/ engagement time on average was 10-14 seconds. The results are higher than any type of static or animated banner would have delivered. The results outperformed all the previous programmatic Sol campaigns in year 2022 (avg. CTR% 0,32-0,43% / CPC 1,5-2€).  

Numbers (programmatic):


Client: Hartwall

Concept planning and visual design: Def Agency

Technical development (website): Barabra

Technical development (interactive banners): NEXD

Media agency: Tulos